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The Power of Want vs. Need

“I have found that the actions we take to ‘fix problems’ can slow the flow of our creativity, driving us rather to the administrative task of getting the job done quickly. This at times may create other problems to fix upon completion. A problem to fix is often addressed by our fear and concern of what we perceive is wrong.

One may be known as a problem fixer but that approach often drains our energy and passion. Accomplishing our task from concern and fear will more likely allow our enlightened passion to arise only upon completion of the work at hand. We are relieved to leave the journey of overcoming the challenge at hand, yet it is in the journey that we spend most of our life.

Saying all this, using the words, ‘need to’ or ‘have to’ can unintentionally generate the idea of problems to fix, creating an environment that attracts concern or fear in what is missing. I suggest that replacing those words with ‘want to’ is a powerful way to approach the challenges you and others may face on the job or in your life.

Want, not need, will encourage enlightened rather than fearful passion. This will make the journey in facing challenge a joyful one, energizing creativity for ourselves and all those around us.” – Barney Feinberg

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Life’s Adventure

“Powerful thought lives in the question, not the answer.” – Barney Feinberg

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“To be an optimist there is no such thing as a mistake; you are simply going forward in a different direction.” – Barney Feinberg

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“Your destiny is not a straight line; enjoy the ride!” – Barney Feinberg

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How To Achieve Your Goals, Passionately

Our fears impede us from attaining our highest goals, while our intuition encourages us to move forward in reaching them.

I have found that fear and intuition often communicate to us with the same voice.  This can make it difficult for us not to treat them with the same respect, which fear does not deserve.

One way to differentiate the two internal conversations are to notice that fear drains us of our energy and motivation.  In contrast, acting from intuition lifts our spirits, energizing us passionately.

Recognizing this difference and acting from intuition not fear is the path that will lead to achieving our big picture goals. – Barney Feinberg

Posted by: lifebalancerecruiting | July 15, 2010

Live Passionately Now

“Living passionately enhances our energy. One cannot live passionately if they stand in a core value that is not being honored. They can be angry or frustrated, which is a drain on energy and takes away from living our big picture vision. The key to living a passionate life is for us to be in the inquiry of discovering the core values we have in common with the people and circumstances we face every day and choose to honor them. The better we know ourselves, the easier this becomes.”- Barney Feinberg

Posted by: lifebalancerecruiting | June 3, 2010

Make it Happen

“Perpetual Optimism is a Force Multiplier.” – Colin Powell

Posted by: lifebalancerecruiting | April 9, 2010

Keep Creativity Alive

“Creativity is a work in progress, the minute you finish a project you stop being creative until you move on to the next”. – Barney Feinberg

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“Leadership is an intense journey into yourself. It is about how much you want to learn. Its about how much you want to give. It’s about personal change and just being ready to renew yourself every day” – Jeff Immelt – CEO General Electric

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