Posted by: lifebalancerecruiting | May 6, 2009

From Chaos Comes Order

The world at times can seem chaotic. What one day we take for granted can suddenly disappear. On any given day job security can be lost, good health change to bad; money once plentiful, dry up.

With change in perceptions comes the unknown which can seem dark and dangerous;
an area we are often thrown to avoid, wanting the answer; wanting to stand in the light. We can struggle here trying to get out, fearful of this unknown, but like a person in quicksand the more we struggle the faster we get sucked in. This fear creates stress and like a thief in the night robs us of our health and confidence.

As I talk to people who have lost their jobs and are fearful of the unknown I have found that some are seeing opportunity in their life transition. They have discovered a freedom which defies the perceptions of fear. In the chaos they are taking a stand that this unknown is allowing them to reinvent their life with possibility not desperation. They trust themselves and instead of running from the unknown are embracing it like a friend with a flashlight.

From chaos comes order. When you stand in possibility and confidence, surrounded by chaos, the order that evolves will be a reflection of that energy. Acting in fear will result in a reflection less likely to answer your dreams.

An athlete who thinks and plays in fear is easily defeated; whether they win or not the joy is missing. When you play with possibility and confidence you will be passionate to continue in the game; defeat only comes when you give up.

Embrace the dark as you would the light, make it your friend. Adventure and discovery come to those who enjoy being in the unknown and are confident they will find what they want. Use patience as your walking stick. – Barney Feinberg



  1. Barney,

    This is a masterful piece. I read it often and it centers me.

    Truly inspirational.

    Thank you.

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