Posted by: lifebalancerecruiting | January 7, 2010

Keep Possibility Alive

“Faith and Trust honor whom you choose to be when faced with Concern and Fear”. – Barney Feinberg



  1. I have read several of your articles and quotes, (I’m a quote collecter) when I was “downsized” in
    ’94, mortgage, second child etc. I saw this as an oportunity to start my own buisness, a life long dream. There was no dread or panic, just a sense of purpose. A Churchill quote said on the eve of the Battle of Britain to a chaotic parliment “Let us take all our advanced worry and turn it into advanced thinking and planning” was my mantra,,,,if he could keep his head in those dark days so could I.

    • Well said Kevin, much appreciated.

  2. Thanks,, forgot to click on notify me box

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